Equine Program


SAM_6309 Today our session focused on COMMUNICATION. In this picture Emily is explaining how to approach the horse and to not be too fast or be a predator. She talked about our personal space bubble and we approach people or horses slowly, calm energy and we don’t force it.

SAM_6310 In this picture Emily is showing me how to get the horse to follow. In order for this to happen you have to meet and greet the horse by holding your hand out for it to smell and slow your breath down. You know when the horse is feeling safe and calm when it licks and chews. Once the horse is feeling calm it will follow you around the pen, even without a lead rope.

SAM_6311 I had to get the horse to trot by walking behind it and using a soft whip to keep it moving. If I was too far in front of the horse it would stop. I had to get the horse to trot around the pen. There were 3 signs I had to keep an eye out for, they were: its ears being focused on me, its head going down and how the horse was responding to my energy by where it was trotting.

SAM_6312 I learnt from this activity that I had to change my energy from a calm energy to a higher excited energy for it to start trotting. I also had to stand tall and show confidence. When the horse started to trot I felt good and I felt this energy in my head which reveals happiness in the body atlas poster.

SAM_6313 What I found challenging was communicating in one of the earlier activities where I had to put the bridal on my horse. I needed to communicate more with my partner by talking more and co-operating.

SAM_6314 I enjoyed leading my horse without using the lead rope because it showed that the horse trusted me and saw me as a leader.


SAM_6315 In this picture I am getting the horse to trot around the pen.

SAM_6316 After getting the horse to stop trotting I had to stand still and meet and greet the horse and to calm the horse down so it would follow me when I was walking.

SAM_6317 One of the ways I lowered my energy was by slowing the pace of my walking and breathing slowly.

SAM_6318 In this picture the horse is following me while I walk around the pen.

SAM_6319 You can see that the horse is getting closer to me as I was feeling more confident and the horse felt more safe.

SAM_6320 The horse is walking right beside me. I felt happy and I felt this in my belly.

My three goals for this week are;

1. Body Language – stand tall, hold my head up and shoulders back at all times.
2. Body Language – notice other peoples body language more.
3. Communication – communicate with people more often by talking to them and asking questions.


Today the students explored science using a variety of materials to conduct experiments that exploded, bubbled, analysed pressure, chemical reactions and mixing solutions.

Here are some of the reflections from today.

My experiment today involved using bi-carb soda, foil, windex and a 1.5L bottle. The aim of my experiment was to make the bottle explode by making a chemical reaction. What I had to do was roll the foil and place in the bottle, place 2 teaspoons of bi-carb soda and windex in the bottle and screwed the lid back on. What happened next was a little disappointing as there was minimal reaction and there was too much air in the bottle. Next time I will use vinegar as well. James.

My experiment involved using a bottle of soft-drink, mentos, gladwrap and paper towel. I used sticky tape to tape the mentos together and rolled it in paper towel. I then put the mentos into the soft-drink, it released gasses from the softdrink and they built up and then threw the bottle at the ground and it shot the lid off and softdrink exploded from the bottle. Dermott.

I also conducted a bottle rocket. I used mentos, softdrink, paper towel. I placed the mentos in the paper towel and put it into the softdrink. It took me too long to screw the lid back on and when the lid was back on we threw it at the ground. There was too much air in the bottle so the experiment didn’t go to plan. Jade.

My experiment used a potato and a straw. We were testing the pressure. I had to hold the straw at the side and try stab it into the potato. This didn’t work. I then held the top of the straw with my finger and stabbed it into the potato. It worked this time as I was stopping the air from getting out. Jack.

The name of my experiment was peppery skin. I filled a bowl with water, then put pepper on it. Then I put dishwashing liquid in the middle and the pepper separated and formed a whole in the water. Harley.

Equine Program

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By Jade –
Today I learnt that our horses mirrored our feelings and that our feelings don’t really have good or bad meanings. When I worked with January and I took her over the noodles she was a bit unsure at first and sniffed before she stepped over the noodles. Then I took her over a tarp and she got a bit nervous and panicked a bit and after she sniffed it again she finally stepped over it. Then at the end we held a piece of chocolate then we sniffed, smelt and tasted it to find out what it felt like and the texture of it. I enjoyed when we walked around with the horses and took them over the noodles.

My first goal is to be more confident next time and to stay calm.
My second goal is to control the horses better and show them who’s in charge
My third goal is to feel more what’s in my whole body and to be confident in my stomach too.

By Harley –

Today I learnt mindfulness which means the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something, and being present.
Today I was challenged by the mindful eating activity because we had to put it in our mouth but not chew it which was very hard for me.
Today I enjoyed doing the grounding because I am a bit more experienced now I can do it with out a problem.
My three goals for next week are:
–  Mindful eating with a family member.
– Spend some time being
 mindful or doing a mindful activity with my dog.
And to recognise my own ‘energy ‘and how it affects other people around me.


Ted Talk – Mindfulness – All it takes is 10 minutes


Equine Program Reflection

Today I attended the equine course for the first time. I learnt how horses show a mirror image of the people that are handling them. I worked with a horse named January and we bonded straight away. I found it challenging when she misbehaved and tried to bite me. I feel this was because I lost a bit of confidence. She misbehaved sometimes but then eventually listened to me. Emily then showed and taught us some ways to be confident and to feel relaxed around horses and when people are in our personal space. The ways Emily taught us to be confident was through grounding, boundaries and acting like a king or queen. Grounding was when we stood around in a circle and closed our eyes and focused on what we could hear, smell, see and feel. Boundaries were when we were finding out whether we felt something inside us when someone or something stepped into our comfort zone. King and Queen was when we would walk with the horses and feel confident while we were walking them and showed them who was boss. My first goal is to go back next week and be more confident. My second goal is to control the horses more. My third goal is to go back next week and spend a bit more time with the horses and focus on what I got taught today. By Jade.


Sovereign Hill excursion

We went to Sovereign Hill to go in the mine and have a look at the gold that a miner found a long time ago. Then we went gold panning and I found a bit of gold. Everything there was really pricey there. I wanted to go in the other mine because we would have been able to go in mine carts. Instead we went down the Red Hill mine but the one that I wanted to go down was the bigger mine with the mine carts. By Daniel.


10 things to do at Sovereign Hill: By Jack

  1. At Sovereign Hill you can make candles
  2. You can go bowling
  3. You go to the old shops and get old style lolly’s
  4. You can go gold panning
  5. You can stay the night with your school
  6. You can go into the gold mines
  7. You can ride on the horse and cart
  8. You can go and see what it was like at school in the old days
  9. You can dress up in old clothes from the old days
  10. You can go into the old homes and buildings


Sovereign Hill – 10 facts by Logan

  1. Sovereign Hill is an open museum in Ballarat
  2. Ballarat’s first gold discovery was in 1851
  3. Sovereign Hill opened in November 1970
  4. It is one of Victoria’s biggest tourist attraction
  5. It is set in the 1850’s
  6. Ballarat was one of the richest gold rush areas in the world
  7. Sovereign Hill has over 60 historic buildings
  8. The staff wear costumes
  9. You can pan for gold
  10. The welcome nugget was found in the mine at Sovereign Hill