Our day at Y2

This week 4 students from Y1 completed a full day at Y2 and participated in the variety of activities on offer. They share their reflections below:
1. Today I learnt……
2. Today I enjoyed….
3. Today I was challenged by….
4. What I am looking forward to next week….

4 thoughts on “Our day at Y2

  1. Today I was at Y2 campus. I was put in to the metal work group where I stood around and learnt how to use many things. After that I was given a task, it was to make a fire place poker. I also learnt how to use a blow torch.

    My first day at Y2 was really fun.

    • It is great to see you embracing such opportunities to further develop your ‘workplace skills’ Arthur. Your experiences at Y2 provide you with the learning experiences you will be able to speak of when you are applying for jobs in the future.

      Make sure you add all these experiences to your written resume. Thanks to the team at Y2 for sharing their knowledge.

  2. Today I came to Y2 to do wood work and metal work. First up I was with Craigie baby. I was using a plasma cutter. It was my first time so it was pretty hard at the start then I got to learn how to control it. It was a bit easier once I had been practicing. Then we went for a break. After the break I went straight back to using the plasma cutter and then I helped Craig clean out the work shop so I had a very good day. Thank you Craig and staff.

    • Sounds like you enjoyed your first day learning how to use the plasma cutter Dwayne? What is a plasma cutter used for cutting? What kind of job could you get if you had the certified skills in this area?

      You are lucky that Craig had enough trust in you to use such resources. No doubt there were a number of safety areas you had to check first?

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