Work Experience

Real Life! My interests, my skills and future careers.
The aim of this outcome is to understand my interests, skills and some possible job choices.

1. Skills Map – write down as many skills you can think of that you have and discuss how these might be important for employment.

2. Career Quiz – This quiz will help you identify what types of work you most like doing:

3. Research a job, refine your search and see what the job involves and what skills you need – Use some of the following search engines:, joboutlook, Australian Job Search, indeed, career one etc.

4. Use Publisher to write a resume identifying your education, qualifications, skills, interest and include 2 referees.






One thought on “Work Experience

  1. Every Thursday I do work experience at Yuille Park Community College at the community cafe. I help cook the food and prepare the food for the lunch time rush. Some of the types of food I help cook: Turkish Bread, BLT, yellow chicken curry, hot pot, lasagne and muffins. On Wednesday I do work experience at The Red Door Pizzeria where I help prepare toppings for the pizzas. I enjoy cooking when I grow up I want to become a chef. Josh.

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