Open Afternoon

On the second last week of Term 2 we invited parents, guardians, family, friends and Y1 staff to come and see what we do at Y2. The students have been busy working on projects throughout the term to display on the windows, shelves, walls etc. A great spread of afternoon tea was prepared by some of the students who had been practising their baking and cooking skills over the last few weeks. Some of the items included; lemon slice, rocky road, cookies, pancakes, scones, cupcakes, peppermint slice and meringues. The students were able to show their parents around the school and they were able to see the students working in action. Thanks to all those who attended and to the students for working hard to get the place ready.


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Halls Gap Zoo excursion

Yesterday we spent the day at the Halls Gap Zoo. The tour started off with us holding a Burmese Python. Some people couldn’t wait to handle it, while others stepped out of their comfort zone and reluctantly held it while breathing quite rapidly! We saw meerkats, giraffes, crocodiles, kangaroos, koalas and many more animals. All in all it was a fun day out!

Our day at Y2

This week 4 students from Y1 completed a full day at Y2 and participated in the variety of activities on offer. They share their reflections below:
1. Today I learnt……
2. Today I enjoyed….
3. Today I was challenged by….
4. What I am looking forward to next week….

Discovery Day at SMB


Discovery Day, SMB Campus


Today some of our students attended a Discovery Day at Federation University’s SMB Campus where they explored information about TAFE/VET careers through a range of hands-on activities. Some of the areas on showcase included:
– 3D animation
– Agriculture
– Automotive
– Bakery
– Bricklaying
– Cabinet making
– Carpentry
– Community services
– Cookery / patisserie
– Conservation and land management
– Early childhood education and care
– Electrotechnology
– Engineering
– Food processing
– Graphic design
– Hairdressing and beauty therapy
– Horticulture
– Meat processing
– Nursing
– Painting and decorating
– Plumbing

Video Game Challenge

Students are encouraged to design and build an original educational video game that includes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) content or themes. The creation of a video game involves systems-based thinking, iterative design, collaboration with others and communication. The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge aims to use game design to increase interest and participation in science, technology, engineering and maths. The software is available free from the below website. See link for more information.


Work Experience

Real Life! My interests, my skills and future careers.
The aim of this outcome is to understand my interests, skills and some possible job choices.

1. Skills Map – write down as many skills you can think of that you have and discuss how these might be important for employment.

2. Career Quiz – This quiz will help you identify what types of work you most like doing:

3. Research a job, refine your search and see what the job involves and what skills you need – Use some of the following search engines:, joboutlook, Australian Job Search, indeed, career one etc.

4. Use Publisher to write a resume identifying your education, qualifications, skills, interest and include 2 referees.